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Reconstruction of the square in front of the railway station in Lviv 12.05.2020

While the various restrictions and regulations regarding the corona virus, including travel restrictions, of course, still exist, we wanted to take a look at the reconstruction of the square in front of the main train station in Lviv (Lemberg).
When the trains will roll again in Ukraine is still unclear....

The Book - The Silhouettes of the Jewish City 23.01.2020

Further education is important, which is why I bought the book “The Silhouettes of the Jewish City” and will study the new reading with curiosity.

This book (travel guide) deals with Jewish life and cultural-historical monuments in Lviv and the cities of Galicia, such as Brody, Drohobych...

Village Huta - starting point for hikes in the Ukrainian Carpathians 05.11.2019

If you are thinking of hiking in the Ukrainian Carpathians, and looking for a starting point for one-day or multi-day mountain hikes, we would like to present a place in the Carpathian Mountains, which would fit well as such a starting point.
It is the village Huta, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast. About 200...

Viewpoints in Lviv 13.09.2019
Video report on Askanija Nowa 23.01.2018

A sunny and positive short reportage (with German subtitles) about a nature reserve located in the steppe zone in the south of Ukraine - Askanija-Nowa.
If you are interested in visiting this nature reserve during a trip to Ukraine, we are at your disposal and can develop a varied and interesting travel...

Askania-Nova 23.01.2018
Pioneer of tourism 28.09.2017
book the silent bug 24.08.2017
Ryanair in Ukraine 16.03.2017
Lviv in the list 25.05.2016
Kolochava 26.11.2014

The village of Kolochava (Czech: Koločava, Hungarian: Alsókalocsa) is an interesting tourist destination in several aspects. It is located in a valley surrounded by mountains offering beautiful vistas, clean air, river and mineral water, and is included in the Synevyr National Nature Park. Therefore...

Visit Ukraine 24.03.2014
Bus travel Germany-Ukraine 12.06.2013

If you are planning a bus trip from Germany to Ukraine (among other to Lwiw (Lviv) and Kyiv (Kiev)), and you are looking for a bus tour operator – listed below, you will find some companies, which operate in the field of passenger transportation between Germany, Austria and Ukraine.

1) Company:...

Lviv-Odesa-Lviv 03.06.2013

Soon we will present you a Ukraine journey, during which you can simultaneously see the architectural pearl—the charming city of Lviv, and visit the extraordinary port city of Odessa situated on the Black Sea coast.
For the information about the Lviv tour you can read

Lviv in the news 25.03.2013

To those travelers who still hesitate to visit Lviv to convince, and the decision of those who have decided to do it to affirm, we offer you two reports from the city of Lviv. The CNN and Euronews journalist’s report and share impressions of the city.




Lviv International Airport 28.11.2012

The new terminal in Lviv (Lwiw) was built as part of preparation of the Ukraine and also the city of Lviv to host the EURO 2012. It is the largest in Western Ukraine in terms of the flow of passengers and flight network. The terminal is located in the western part of the city of Lviv, 8 kilometers from the...

Dnister Canyon 31.10.2012

The Dniester Canyon was formed by the Dniester River. It is one of the largest canyons in Europe with its steep slopes 130-160 meters high and a total length of about 250 kilometers. Steep rocky and forested banks of the second longest river in Ukraine resemble the cross-section of the earth`s surface. Unique...

Caves in the Ternopil province 30.10.2012

Caves are the natural wonders and the pride of Ternopil Region. Today 100 caves in the region are inscribed in the cadastral register, including Optymistychna Cave which is the longest gypsum cave in the world and the fourth longest cave with the length of 232km of surveyed passageways.
The labyrinths...