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Green Tourism

Carpathian Meadows

Oriv,Lvivska region From 125 UAH

If the traditional way of relaxation, resorts, health-centers, fuss and crowds are not so attractive to you, seize the opportunity of changing your idea about summer or winter vacation.
Seven kilometers away from civilization - and in front of your eyes there is a magnificent panorama of Carpathians....
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Gruen Hof

Transcarpathia,Huklyvyj - village, 89140, Ukraine From 200 UAH

Military Estate «Grun Hof» — located in the north of Transcarpathia in the heart of Borzhava. During the 2-nd World War to defend against attack by the Red Army, the Hungarians built a missile defense system Arpada. It length is 600 km and the depth is about 70 km.
Estate built on the...
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Farm Family Boyko

Tatariv, Ukraine From 200 UAH