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Guided city walk - old town of Lviv

Designation: Guided city walk - old town of Lviv


Duration: 1

Price: 45 EURO


“Big self-confidence is necessary for eagerness to describe cities. Cities have many faces, strength of whims, thousand directions, diverse goals, terrible and funny secrets. Cities conceal and reveal a lot of things, each of them is the integrity and diversity, and each city has a longer lifetime than a journalist, person, group or nation”.

Taking into account these words of Joseph Roth, we won’t describe Lviv for a long time. We just want to invite you for an interesting and informative tour around Lviv. You'll get to know the city of Lviv with the help of experienced and friendly tourist guides who care that the city leaves a positive impression. The city is worth visiting as “unpolished diamond” and “unexplored pearl of Europe”. These are just few of the numerous definitions of the city of Lion.

The City Tour takes approximately 3 hours. If you would like to make a coffee break in a cozy café, your wish will be fulfilled.
Starting time of the tour is flexible. Please feel free to contact us, and together we will find the best solution.

You are very welcome to Lviv!

The City of Lviv has many different names in different languages: Leopolis and Civitas Leone (Latin), Lemberg, Löwenburg and Leonburg (German), Lwów (Polish), Leopoli (Italian), Λιτβον (Litvon), Λιτβαδα (Litvad) and Λεοντόπολις (Leontopolis) (Greek), Léopol (French), İlbav, İlia and İlibot (Turkish), and Lvov (Russian). A lot of songs and poems were written about the beautiful and charming City of Lion. It is still vibrant and impressive. You can always discover here something beautiful and interesting for yourself. Therefore we invite you to walk around the town that once was surrounded by the walls and defensive ditches, where the trade flourished, and most importantly, where people of different nationalities and religions considered themselves to be the citizens of Lviv. They worked here together and the town developed.


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Places of interest

Rynok Square (Market Square)

This square has been the heart of the City of Lion for eight centuries. The stone buildings of harmonious proportions and common idea, however different and unique ones, formed the square’s perimeter. It’s a very beautiful and cozy place. The square that once was a place for medieval merchants from Crete, Greece, Italy and many other countries, today is popular with tourists as well as actors from around the world and Ukraine participating in festivals and concerts. The combination of the architectural ensemble and vibrant life creates a unique atmosphere of the European city that has absorbed many cultures over the centuries.

Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Boims’ Chapel

The construction of the Roman Catholic Cathedral began in the 14th century. This Cathedral went through the centuries and its architectural styles varied. It has always remained the main Catholic church of Lviv. The motto “Semper Fidelis” applied to the city of Lviv can be applied to this Cathedral as well.
The Boims’ Chapel is a unique architectural monument that decorates Katedralna (Cathedral) Square.

Church of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God

The Dormition Orthodox Church ensemble is an architectural masterpiece and the perfect combination of Italian Renaissance art and Ukrainian ecclesiastical traditions. The ensemble consists of the Kornyakt’s Bell Tower, the Chapel of the Three Holy Hierarchs and the Dormition Church.

Bernardine Monastery

This monastery was built outside the town walls. Therefore it was built as a fortified medieval monastic complex. Here you'll see strong and high fortifications. The interior of the church is very ornate. It is decorated with numerous carved altars of the first half of the 18th century and the original wall and vault frescoes.

Armenian Cathedral and the Armenian Quarter

The people from ancient Armenia have lived in Lviv from time immemorial. They made their contribution to the formation of the town. One of such contributions was the Armenian Cathedral that is a unique monument of Oriental culture in Europe. The oldest part of the Cathedral, dating from the 14th century and its surroundings create the unique atmosphere of the Old Town. The enigmatic church murals are very impressive.

Opera House

Every large city in Europe strived to be proud of its beautiful Opera House, and Lviv was no exception. The Lviv Opera House is a magnificent edifice to be proud of. It adorns Liberty Avenue. The impressive façade and interior of the Opera House fulfill their purpose of art for people, and Lvivites enjoy the performances of a theater troupe.