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Reconstruction of the square in front of the railway station in Lviv


While the various restrictions and regulations regarding the corona virus, including travel restrictions, of course, still exist, we wanted to take a look at the reconstruction of the square in front of the main train station in Lviv (Lemberg).
When the trains will roll again in Ukraine is still unclear. But when the time comes, travelers and guests from Lviv can use the new infrastructure.

The redesign of the square (площа Двірцева, Dvirtseva square ) was urgently needed.
The train station in Lviv is where many travelers get to know the city, and the first impression was not always positive.

Work began in March 2019 and the reconstruction is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020.
The future appearance of the square has already crystallized and you can understand the idea and the concept.

Chernivetska Street, which leads to the main building of the station (built in 1904 in Art Nouveau style with elements of the Neo-Renaissance), is divided into two sides by a pedestrian avenue.
Bus station 8 and the newly built tram and bus stops are on the right. The tram in particular is now very close to the train station. This side of the street is only accessible for public transport.

Private traffic and taxis are directed to the left, where covered pavilions are provided for the passengers to get out quickly, so called ”kiss and ride”.
Parking spaces for longer stays are also planned, and an underground parking space under the green area is planned. It remains to be seen whether this ambitious project will be realized.

There is a pedestrian zone directly in front of the main entrance and a modern water fountain is planned a little to the left of the entrance.

We are looking forward to the completion of the construction work and are looking forward to the new infrastructure, because whether it is a journey to Lviv by train, a city trip to Czernowitz, a round trip to Kyiw or Odesa, or part of the city tour through Lviv- the train station is one important element of the city and beautiful when it gets a new boost in life.

The best and most modern infrastructure is of course useless without the human encounters and smiles.
We hope to see you soon on your trip to Ukraine with a warm smile at the train station in Lviv and to discover the city of Lviv and Ukraine together.