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Dnister Canyon


The Dniester Canyon was formed by the Dniester River. It is one of the largest canyons in Europe with its steep slopes 130-160 meters high and a total length of about 250 kilometers. Steep rocky and forested banks of the second longest river in Ukraine resemble the cross-section of the earth`s surface. Unique wildlife, picturesque landscapes, bizarre rocks, beautiful river and waterfalls, the diversity of flora and fauna create a unique atmosphere.

Rafting on the Dniester in one of the largest canyons in Europe is a great opportunity to take a trip to the land of wild, primeval nature in its original form that is hard to find nowadays. Here you can see waterfalls, karst caves and grottos, as well as various architectural monuments: palaces, castles, monasteries, cave churches, ancient mansions and Catholic churches that adorn the banks of the Dniester River.