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Carpathian steam engine

Designation: Carpathian steam engine


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Dovbush Rocks in Bubnyshche

Here in the Pre-Carpathian region, where flat land turns into hills and then into real mountains, the sandstone rocks existed already 70 million years. These mighty stone giants tower above the trees. Bubynski Rocks or the Rocks of Dovbush, a Ukrainian Robin Hood, is a favorite place for rock climbers and nature lovers. Walking in the beech forest and among the rocks is a very pleasant experience. While climbing up the rock there opens a wonderful panoramic view of the Carpathian ridges. It is believed that in different epochs there existed a pagan temple, a rock monastery in Christian times and later a rock castle.

Carpathian “Tram” in Vygoda

The Carpathian Narrow Gauge Railway will provide you with amazing experience and will inspire you to visit again. The train will carry you slowly along the banks of the clean Mizunka River, the Shyrkovets Swamp Reserve where dwarf pines and insectivorous round-leaved sundew can be found, and to the source of Goryanka mineral water (Naftusya type). You will visit Grandmother Anna’s yard where you can enjoy the Carpathian herbal tea (and something stronger). Leaving behind houses and fields, the narrow gauge locomotive will carry us to the wild nature. There will be an opportunity to swim in the mountain river and just relax amongst nature at the “Mizunski Waterfalls” stop.