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Soon we will present you a Ukraine journey, during which you can simultaneously see the architectural pearl—the charming city of Lviv, and visit the extraordinary port city of Odessa situated on the Black Sea coast.
For the information about the Lviv tour you can read here. As to Odessa or the Pearl at the Black Sea (as it is sometimes ardently called), it attracts travelers with its great charmingness and architecture (Opera House, History Center, Primorsky Boulevard stretching along the seashore and numbering a lot of places of interest, sea beaches, port, catacombs, typical vital attitude towards life—candidness and humor and much more). On the official tourist website of Odessa http://www.odessatourism.in.ua/en/default.aspx you will find the info about Odessa.

The outskirts of Odessa City also attract visitors with their places of interest. You will find the description of some of them below.

1) Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi
The Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Fortress (Akkerman Fortress) was founded on the territory of the ancient Greek town of Tira that existed here since the 6th century B.C. The founders of this fortress, according to the opinion of numerous historians, are supposed to be the Genoese people. The fortress stands on the bank of the Dniester Liman as it had to control these waters. For this strategic place there fought different states in different times. Among them were the Lithuanians, the Principality of Moldavia, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire.















 2) Wine Cultural Center Shabo
“Wine Cultural Center Shabo” is located directly at production complex of “Shabo” Company, in one of the ancient European wine-making regions, its traditions were established in ancient times.
It is the exclusive cultural center in Ukraine combining operating advanced enterprise, ancient wine cellars, degustation room, expositions of modern sculptures and architecture, and unique Wine and Wine-making Museum.
Unique object, Wine Cultural Center Shabo has been already included by the European Council Commission to the tourist map of European wine routes
We invite everyone to visit unique “Wine Cultural Center Shabo” and be involved into the fascinating world of wine
Tour at Wine Cultural Center:
• The old “Royal Cellar”, created more than 200 years agoby French-Swiss settlers, where Pushkin and the Romanian King Carol II have been.
• Ancient “Sherry Cellar”, where the unique wine, dry Sherry, is aging in oak barrels.
• The giant underground storage, located at a depth of five and nine meters underground.
• Great Brandy yard with oak barrels for aging of noble brandy spirits.
• Unique Champagne yard for the production of high quality sparkling wine with classic method.
• Modern department for bottling with “cold method”, where equipment is the guarantee of bottling sterility and natural properties of wine saving.
• Unusual museum with old myths about wine.
• Cinema theatre, where you can see a fascinating story about Shabo settlement and its founder, Louis Tardane, Swiss wine-maker and the first mayor of Shabo.
• Dionysus fountain – the symbol of Shabo, where you can touch the miracle of the wine creation.

In the crystal hall guests can taste the wine and brandy TM Shabo:
1. «SHABO CLASSIC» Chardonnay – dry white
2. «SHABO CLASSIC» Cabernet – dry red
3. «SHABO CLASSIC» Sherry – dry white
4. «SHABO CLASSIC» Semi-dry White
5. «SHABO CLASSIC» Semi-sweet Red
6. Sparkling wine «SHABO CLASSIC» semi-sweet
7. Vermouth «SHABO BIANCO CLASSIC», desert white
8. Brandy “V.S.O.P.” (five stars)