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Fair of Cheeses and Wines

19.10.2012 - 21.10.2012

The main gastronomic holiday of autumn in the city!

This year A Great Fair of Cheeses and Wines will take place just at Rynok Square, where a variety of cheeses and the finest wines from around the world will be presented. And all this will be with interactive cultural program.







Brie, Camembert, Chablis, Bordeaux, Roquefort cheese, cheese fondue and risotto in parmesan, and also traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine — all these and many others can be enjoyed on the III City Holiday of Cheese and Wine.

Traditionally Day of Cheesecake will be celebrated. At Rynok Square all willing will be treated by giant Lviv cheesecake that will be baked according to old recipes!







The novelties of this year`s celebration will be:

· The opening of makeshift cheese and wine restaurant at Rynok Square

· Handicrafts fair

· “Lviv Wine Post Office”, which will enable to send not only exclusive Art-cards, but everything guests will buy at the festival!

· Land Art Zone — a giant straw sofas and tables, a function of which will be performed with authentic wine barrels — amazing entourage of holiday!

· Culinary workshops