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Christmas in Lviv

10.12.2012 - 27.01.2013

Lviv has always cherished it’s traditional Ukrainian culture, that’s why the celebration of Christmas is very special here. All lvivites cherish ancient customs and very much enjoy new, but at the same time very traditional Ukrainian Christmas games and other entertainment.
In the Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, a traditional festival “The blaze of Christmas star” takes place (the 7th of January,Museum of Folk Architecture
and Rural Life (Chernecha Hora st., 1), the 8th of January – the center of the city (Rynok square, Prospect Svobody, St. George Square).
This festival renews an ancient tradition: Ukrainians used to make big (1,5- 2 meters) Christmas stars, which are the main symbols of Christmas. Another traditional festival in Lviv is the called “A Great Carol” . This festival traditionally takes place in the St. Eucharist Church (Museina square, 3). In this year festival, special attention is paid to old Ukrainian customs, and carols in particular.